Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diablo 3 close combat wizard

So while my blog has been decidedly Diablo 3 oriented lately I have tried in vain to play SOME miniature games but failed. Traffic yesterday kept me from Infinity Wednesday so I turned around and went home and drank whiskey. My other favorite pastime.

So my Wizard in Diablo 3, while still a young one, has been using what I like to call a suicide bomb build. I use chain lightening (or as they call it Electrocute but we all know what the fuck it really is) and I run into packs of mobs, activate diamond skin (with rune) and then wave of force blast them all over the screen. On the way back I slam Electrocute or Ray of Frost mercilessly until all monsters are dead.

So far this has worked very well but make sure you stack up on a little vitality. The experience point bonuses for mass kills and carnage are through the roof and look quite gory at the same time.

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