Friday, June 29, 2012

Game of Thrones LCG: Stark vs Targaryen rematch

This time with the proper rules for the most part.

We expected lots of death and treachery and we got it. In the end House Stark made a huge comeback from being down 11-4 to win the game 15-13 by the use of Jon Snow and Eddard Stark to win challenges and claim power.

Some interesting things happened in this game that I did to really make the Queen of Dragons angry.

Early in the game I was getting killed when the Targaryen player managed to get all three dragons out and on my case early on. I was getting hammered.

The dragons three

I was desperate at this point so I let my opponent build up and I quietly quit playing anymore strong characters. What I was about to do was a last ditch effort to wipe the slate clean. On my next turn I revealed the nastiest Plot Card in my deck.

Everyone died, and the Dragons were out of play for now. I quickly rebuilt my forces and managed to start to crawl back into the game. I manged to get Jon Snow and Eddard Stark out and then I was claiming more and more power each turn. The Targaryens, now weakened with no Dragons to do the nasty Stealth Keyword business, started getting drained.

Using my military might I won challenge after challenge and claimed a power each time I did. He was soon joined by his father and after that things were looking pretty grim for my opponent.

All in all a great game. Finally getting the rules right with challenges and deaths made a huge difference. It still took a while and I am sure we could play faster but the game requires a ton of thought due to the complexity of how the cards work together. We were using cards worked in with expansions decks so that we went from a deck size of 45 to 57.