Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hillarious typical MMO gamer thinking

On this post here:


"I have 30 days to waste why not throw a company that is releasing a shitty game some money because I am bored."

And so the trend continues. Sheeple like MMO bloggers tossing away free money to MMO companies that release garbage like the Secret World will further reinforce the notion that it is ok to do this.

Here is a hint: you are not cool if you post about playing every MMO on the market. It makes you look like a bandwagon jumper and no one will take you seriously. Just like 99% of the MMO bloggers out there shouldn't be.

Here are some ideas:

Spend your time level capping in any of the 5 games you probably quit at level 20 because you hated grouping and then proceeded to write some stupid post about not being able to solo every MMO all the time and how it was unfair.

Play some boardgames

Go see a movie

Better yet if you want throw your 49.99 at me and I can go get some strippers. The memories will last longer than any 10 minutes spent in The Secret World.

Secret World thoughts here:

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  1. Trust me when I tell you neither that MMO or Lola the stripper will get you the happy ending you want for a fifty.