Friday, June 22, 2012

More Warhammer Invasion Card Game, Dystopian tokens

Played another 2 hour slugfest of Warhammer Invasion the LCG from Fantasy Flight Games last night. How is it that the card game is more fun to play than the miniatures game? While a standard miniatures game of Warhammer Fantasy usually consists of: line up across board, march to middle and collide, I find the Warhammer Invasion nuances and tactics very fulfilling. Other than getting walloped by Dwarves our games have been very close and last nights was no exception. I played a allied deck with High Elves and Lizardmen and my opponent went straight out Dark Elves.

 Crabby Old Gamer thinks that Dark Elves may suck:

As the game ramped up I got a few breaks and had so many resources out that he finally just could not stop me. He conceded with 6 damage on 2 of his 3 walls and the end was near.

Also in the mail I got my Dystopian Wars templates and tokens from Laser Dream Works, a small company that makes some really nice steampunk counters for the game. Pics below

I have ordered the Lord of the Rings Co Op LCG and Game of Thrones LCG also. Fantasy Flight is making a killing off me this month.

A Descent 2.0 teaser trailer has been posted as well. I am throwing so much information at you that the average reader may not be able to comprehend the awesomeness of what is about to transpire.

Warhammer Invasion Pics

Dystopian Wars Templates and tokens

Descent 2.0 trailer:

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