Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bell of Lost Souls loses nards, caves in to peer pressure

While no one said they were a beacon of journalistic integrity Bell of Lost Souls had been quite critical of the Games Workshop WalletHammer device that was the new Warhammer 40k 6th edition. Slapping it consistently with a large hand upside their money grubbing heads BoLS was sticking it to the GW machine and the sheep that buy their products.

I'm guessing some GW lawyers laid the "law" down or talked to BoLS about a little advertising venture because in a most recent article they appear to have had their testicles removed and replaced with Space Marine vaginas:

First of all, I wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone who contacted us after our last article here on BoLS to share their thoughts on 6thed. Everyone had good input and it was awesome to hear all the feedback from both those who agreed with us and those who disagreed. Also, thanks to those who have kicked us in the butt and asked us to stop being negative about some of the rules we don’t like. You know what? You’re right. 6th on the whole is a really cool edition and GW hung their huevos out there with these big changes and despite the fact that we don’t like some of the rules, it is what it is, and as I’ve said, there is a lot more that is really cool about this edition than not cool.


Looks like its back to 24/7 butt sucking on that site. Now how do I delete bookmarks? Like I needed a guide to survive a game whose primary rule is : put more models on the table with our over priced dreck and you can win the game!

At least you can play with a 41 dollar digital PDF now. Got that going for them.

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