Friday, July 6, 2012

Cool things in the new Minecraft patch

Not due until August but still a lot of new features are being added. Here are just some.

Full details can be found here:

World Generation

  • Made sub-biome type mountains like Desert Hills or Ice Mountains taller - Screenshot
  • Made cocoa beans appear on some small jungle trees - Screenshot
  • Added optional starting chest on non-hardcore worlds
    • Screenshot
    • Contents: wooden & stone tools, bread, apples, logs, planks and sticks
  • Added large biomes world type, increasing biome sizes immensely
  • Added desert-specific villages
  • Added desert temples
    • Screenshots
    • Built out of various kinds of sandstone and wool
    • Include hidden chest room and TNT trap, with loot including rotten flesh, bones, iron ingots and gold ingots, diamonds and emeralds
  • Added jungle temples
    • Screenshots
    • Built out of various kinds of cobblestone
    • Contain multiple tripwire traps triggering dispensers filled with arrows
    • Loot chests include bones, rotten flesh, gold ingots, iron ingots, diamonds and emeralds
  • Added emerald ore
    • Only generates in Extreme Hills biomes
    • Occurs up to 8 times per chunk in veins of 1
    • Generates between layers 4 and 31, inclusive