Monday, July 9, 2012

Descent 2.0 preview day

Spent some time at the Wandering Dragon game store in Plainfield IL this weekend and sat in on a game of Descent 2. I am pleased to announce the the game has had many changes made to it that make it much more tactical and give the player a lot more options and things to do during gameplay.

  • First the major change is that advanced campaign mode in the base box. 
  • There are now "defense dice" to take the math calculation out of the game. You now roll a grey defense die to hopefully block damage
  • There are more skill checks now
  • The Overlord has spawning rules now and locations on the map. Not just "out of line of sight"
  • Shorter quests with plenty of natural stopping points
  • Enhanced hero selection and creation process
In our scenario we played we had to go into a dungeon and rescue a cleric that had 16 hit points and was attacked in a room full of zombies each turn. However we quickly learned that if we turned an altar it would heal the cleric in that room. Of course we had to find a key to get the door open to free him. Once we did that we had to get him out of the dungeon. Things quickly went from bad to worse when we were near the end and our valiant party fell to the Overlord just 3 squares from the dungeon entrance.

The changes in the game made it much more tactical and required a lot more thinking. I played Tomble Burrowell who was basically a Gnome Rogue. I had throwing blades and had a nice sneak ability. I could also search "search tokens" from 3 spaces away.

Health potions are now exhausted but can be refreshed, and there is no more going to town to buy things in the middle of an adventure. 

Pics are below: