Monday, July 16, 2012

Runebound Saturday

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Descent 2.0 this week Crabby Gamer and I played some Runebound to get into the groove of the Terrinoth lore once more.

Terrinoth is the land that Fantasy Flight uses to set their most popular fantasy games in and is the recurring place for Runewars, DungeonQuest etc etc.

The heroes in Runebound make appearances in Descent so we figured we would bust out the main game and play it.

4 hours later my character, the Orc named One-Fist, emerged victorious. In the game we did NOT use the Doom Track but did use the overland encounters variant and it turned out to do in the ole Crabby Gamer.

Crabby played Arvel Worldwalker from Runebound's Winter expansion set and I took a base character.

The game started off innocently enough but as time went on Crabby Gamer (or CG henceforth) was getting a far far lead on me. We quickly snatched up all the green encounters and then boosted our life values and that set us on the path toward yellow encounters only. About 3 hours in CG had a dragon rune and looked close to victory. Then, in the southlands, he got stuck in a mountainous area and ran into some trouble. Following a nasty encounter in which he got out alive he ran into a blue overland random encounter. With his ally dead he took the brunt of the hits and was slain outright. Losing his possessions and his money he was stuck having to go back and try to get some more cash to buy allies to take on more red encounters.

At this point I was in good shape to swoop in and save the land. With one of us down I had to charge in and get the job done. One red encounter after another fell to me and at the last encounter I used the previously gained Dragon Runes to take out my third victim. The 3rd Dragon went down and I won the game via 3 runes. I was VERY lucky not to draw Margath during any of those Red Encounters. If I had I probably would have lost to him. At that stage of the game though I was pretty beefed up with allies that could take the hits and a lot of experience so my stats were in good shape.

What follows are the pics:

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  1. That was a fun game. As for you "swooping in to save the day", I showed you how to get there and led by example! :-)