Thursday, July 26, 2012

Starting Battletech again

Friend of mine purchased the Introductory box set of the "new" Battletech by Catalyst Games because we wanted to start it back up again. I had a ton of other games to read and play so he decided to provide this one and learn it.

Luckily, once we sat down to play all the old rules came back to us and it was like riding a bike. The contents of the box, for 50 dollars, is probably one of the best gaming deals on the market. Not only do you get 26 total miniatures (granted the quality is not the best mind you) you get a huge fluff book, mech pads, dice, nicely mounted maps and a poster of the Inner Sphere.

The newbie rules are a joke and almost simplify the game too much. No heat, no torso twisting, no crits and no internal damage. By the end of the first turn we were craving the full rules and realized we still had those memorized. It had been 15 years but one does not simply walk away from Battletech. My friend even had all his old Battletech original boxes so I snapped a photo op:

We only had time for one simple intro game in which I got a very lucky roll (a 12 and needed an 11) and my AC 20 blew the leg off of his mech with a nice 20 point shot. After that it was easy for me to walk around to his backside and finish the deal. My mech took two strikes, one to the arm and leg, but I was still functional. This game even in its simplest form still rocks. The advanced rulebook includes a painting guide as well (something Games Workshop would charge 40 dollars for) and rules for Mechwarrior pilot experience.

The expansion books will provide us plenty of oppurtunity to run our own campaign with Mechwarrior RPG stuff added in. Cannot wait.

Also while at the Wandering Dragon I picked up my promotional Descent 2.0 figure that I won. I took Nara the Fang and he came with a Runewars and Runebound card.

More Battletech shots:

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