Saturday, September 8, 2012

And then there was one...Guild Wars 2 update

Many of my readers may not know this but I have an issue with alts in MMO games. I want to have enough alts so that I can cross tradeskill and never have to worry about not having good weapons or gear. I also like to enchant my own items and mail them to other characters etc etc. In Everquest 1 I liked to 3 box (playing 3 accounts at once) for maximum XP grindage. In World of Warcraft I also two boxed so that I could AOE dungeons with my high level and low level alt. I also had an enchanter to send other characters pimp enchants.

Well with Guild Wars 2 the buck has pretty much stopped there. You see in GW2 it is possible to drop a tradeskill and then pick up another....then go BACK to your other tradeskill and not lose that previous progress. I know it sounds insane AMIRIGHT? I havent seen any other AAA title do that (at least ones that don't suck). Alas it is true and so with this game my alt festival comes to a screeching halt. That is not to say I don't have alts because I do. In fact I paid the cash to expand my character slots. I wanted to test EVERY class and make sure I liked what I wanted going forward. This means getting to at least level 11 and affording a couple of trait books which can set you back a good chunk of cash.

Now that the Trading Post is up I can easily make about 40-50 silver a day if I sell my stock of dye colors and garbage like that I could care less about. So it was I made alts and got them to a certain level of competency. A 13 rogue, a 15 warrior (two handed hammer spec), a 12 mesmer, a 12 ranger and a 22 engineer. Sprinkled in there somewhere is a 7 guardian I was unimpressed with.

All in all a whopping 84 hours of gameplay since launch and no signs of slowing down. You may notice that the 22nd level Engineer stands out. He is now my main. I cannot stop playing him as every level he gets neat new toys to incinerate and demolish enemies with like rocket turrets, flamethrowers land mines and even a rams head tool belt ejector thingy. He is also getting up there in leather armor crafting as well as his huntsman tradeskilling. I cleared 18-19 in fact simply by tradeskilling. At this point I figure if I am going to do all this tradeskilling and I can switch jobs why not have ONE pimped out character that can do everything.

I usually know I have a main when I log him in each night and play him for hours. Problem is in this game I can do that with every's just that much fun. My least liked, and this is odd for me, turned out to be the rogue. Stealth in Guild Wars 2 is a tricky thing and does not function like World of Warcraft. In short it takes all the fun out of a stealther. Unless it is permanent at higher levels losing the ability to sneak around and bushwack my enemies takes the fun out of it. I also don't like much of the dagger fighting mechanics. I will go back to him later and try again but for now explosions and guns do it for me.

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