Sunday, November 25, 2012

Champions Online: dailies done right

Dailies do not seem like dailies if they are done in rapid succession, in a group and finished withing 10-20 minutes each.

Champions Online lets you get a lot of Questionite Ore (the new in game currency for tradeskills and purchasing certain things) by running daily ALERTS with a random group of people.

Talk to Lt. Patil in the middle of the city and he will give you your options to do. You can get Grab missions, Nemesis missions, Smash missions, and BURST missions.

Run three of each type and you get your daily done. On the ride side of the screen by the mini map the missions available to Q for are listed. You may not have 3 grabs for example right off the bat but when you finish one mission it is replaced with a random type of another. It is a rather ingenious system and rewards a ton of XP as well. Smash alerts are the best for XP as they provide an hour long XP boost as well but you better hope your group brings its "A" game because it is a DPS race to take the villain down before time expires.

Lets face it though nothing beats joining a Q and then smashing a villains face in less than 5 minutes of waiting time.