Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Facebook links for Hudson's Hideout

We have a Gaming Geeks! Facebook group and while I am not a fan of Facebook pages or groups (due to the crappy functionality I would prefer a message board anyday of the week) we do have about 50+ members in that group that post and talk about games. They can discuss any type of game of course and I sometimes like to toss out indie games and other rare ones to break up the monotony of the posts regarding a flavor of the month title like Guild Wars 2 or Call of Duty. While I would prefer to have this group as a circle on Google + you just cannot win them all. You can find the gaming geeks website here:


Another Facebook page was announced by a favorite wargame publisher of mine and that is the SDC Center Facebook page. This is the Scenario Design Center that features wargaming scenarios for HPS Sims and John Tiller Software wargames. You can check them out here:

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Scenario-Design-Center/351292604967033  (Facebook)

http://www.hist-sdc.com/  (Main Site)