Saturday, November 24, 2012

Pausing Rift for a bit, maybe Vanguard?

The holiday season is upon us and with that we all know will come STEAM's holiday sale as well as a pile of new games for me to focus on. Besides popping into Minecraft still as well as Skyrim I want to get back into computer wargaming and maybe pick up Dominions 3.

As you can tell from this blog I have merged all my old posts from Blunt Force Gamer (the 2010 and early 2011 posts) but no pictures came with them. That gives this blog content back to 2007.

So aside from getting into Star Trek Online again and Champions Online due to my comic book addiction I may reinstall Vanguard to see what its like in a Free To Play world.

I have level capped in RIFT and now the expansion is out forcing me to go to level 60. However right now I am not feeling it. There are too many games to play. I don't feel like the 10 level grind. I don't know what it is about Rift but sometimes it just becomes so bland I want to try other games. I want to heal in Vanguard and give it a solid chance.

When Vanguard launched in 2007 it was an epic failure of huge proportions. I played it maybe one week before I could take no more.

One thing I hate about low population MMO's is the lack of grouping. I am not one that likes to "solo" in an MMO and act like its some single player game. That is the stupidest excuse for lazy in an MMO I always hear. Players that suck and can't figure out their class or how a game works like to solo. Those that don't suck group, learn, level and later raid. The key is watching a solo'er group and seeing how bad they are. There are some that are anti elitist in a lot of MMO's and may get mad at the last few sentences. I am by far not an elitist but I also hate entitled casuals that solo to level cap and then whine when they can't hack it in raids and see all the content. I hit 50 in Rift and was fully purpled up and had many raid achievements within 3 weeks and was also in a great guild. While I may pop in from time to time I want to do that again in something that has a little more UMPH. I do NOT want to return to World of Warcraft just because of the player base.

Vanguard may be one of the WORST games to do that in but who knows until you try. The end game content in Guild Wars 2 is a joke so that is pointless. I need something a little more difficult and sometimes I have considered going back to EQ1.

The only thing that scares me is I hear the F2P launch of Vanguard was a total mess and really did nothing to promote more people to stay and try the game out.

As a quote on the Vanguard forums points out: (spelling errors left in)

Im not sure what you thought would happen. The free to play login matrix is horrible,even for a soe game. Its far worse than either eq1 or eq2, two games without the massive bugs,poor performance,low population, or tainted history. They pushed forward with the ftp launch not only having fixed virtually no bugs but actually introducing tons more and with performance the worse its been in years. If they can manage to fill one server,they will have done the near impossible. 
The vast majority who tried vg prior to ftp didnt think it was worth the price of a sub, tacking on a horrible ftp matrix while increasing bugs and decreasing performance isnt a winning formula.
FTP relaunch was pretty well botched with all the lag, bad low level class changes, and bad restrictions. 
So glad Moorgard is getting things changed! :) maybe the game will get yet another shot. still needs alot of work on the lag though