Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The War Z open player killing debate continues amidst bans

The controversy about what you are really getting in the War Z as opposed to what the are advertising continues. At this point I would encourage NO ONE to pre order this game based on the advertising and how they are marketing it. What you think you get is in reality a farce once in game.

Once all the team and player killers are in the game it will lose its audience fast. That being the zombie lore fans that fall for the bait and switch of this horrible so called zombie survival mmo. The game claims to be something it is not. I thought I was getting teamwork, maybe some roaming AI controlled bandits, some hunkering down in buildings, building campfires, looting etc etc. Instead we get...what amounts to a PVP game.

What happens is you log in, hit a server browser, pick a non full 40 man server. You then set about trying to play the game you think you are getting based on their advertising and instead it turns out to be an all out fragfest of players just killing one another.

Here is the advice of players that love that kind of thing:

"Dont join populated servers until you get geared up?" 

Yeah ok. Uninstall. There are entire threads of how the game is going to hell in a hand basket.

Look, I understand that there will be killing if the Zombie thing goes down in the real world yadda yadda...but what do you think happens to a VIDEO game when you allow this kind of rampant killing in a game that sells itself as a zombie "mmo"? You guessed it. This game test was the most depressing beta invite I have ever been a part of and let me tell you I have been in a LOT of them. To top it off they now want to CHARGE YOU MONEY to form "clans" or "guilds" as we older MMO players know them.

"Now, I slept on this as well, and I'm still in shock that you are charging a core component of your game, money, and basically penalizing them for the size of their clans. I believe Sergey said $1.00 would be 142 GC, someone posted for 500 slots, since it's one per character would be $350.00 US for a 100 member clan. That would mean mine would be $700.00 for 200 members. Sergey, I ask you this straight out, how can you see this as justified. How can you justify this in any manner at all, to the large clans, small clans as well, that are helping you with this game, and help continue to grow WarZ. If I get no other answer, please, pm me, email me, or something on this issue. I would really, like a Dev to answer this. If other factors are here, let us know, i.e can use in game money, etc. for slots, people want answers, why avoid issues all the time by not releasing a statement. Clans are the foundation of any game."
"even low pop servers are no go hackers are around and yet its a sitting ducks game, i just wish we could play the game properly without the fragfesting."

The thread continues on and on. The forums are full of it. Then we have this scathing post about the devs and how the game is going to make you pay to form clans and the like:

"PvP is honestly turning the game into a big joke and being quite hated by many people im about to quit because the game is crap and will be crap  This isnt even a game you cant even call this a zombie game either its getting ridiculous i mean seriously 70 in a 100% open Colorado map is pushing it and making the zombie apoc look like a joke. Dont bother until they make it what it should prospectively be which is players vs the environment. seriously is this a zombie game or just another CoD fagfest. because to me this is a CoD fagefest, i paid to play a zombie game not this shit."

Then we have this little gem of a post from a moderator that was banned for speaking his mind:

"Their anti-hack is actually functional but here's the kicker..wanna know WHY their bans are TEMPORARY the first time around? 0.8% hacking? Try an EXTREMELY LARGE PORTION of the player base is hacking. If they banned everyone they'd have a mass refund issue on their hands, and no one to play their piss poor of an excuse game."

I understand its "ALPHA". Quit using that argument. Do you honestly think drastic changes will be made to this game at this point with the engine in place? AND they have the nerve to ask us to prepay and pay full price for this game to find this out (unless you snag a beta key).

"since about 3 weeks ago I figured out that their development was in such a rudimentary stage that they had to develop pretty much every non-pvp (pvp is going straight from war inc) feature AFTER alpha was opened. When I bought the game I thought they have coded everything and will gradually put them in for testing, but it appears that they don't have those content at all."

Even Sergei admitted that "the game is pretty much out there" now, which means it's not about "alpha access by devoted fans" any more, but equivalent to a public release. They indeed have been lying all along.


  1. Once again, wanted to thank you for warning me off this game because what they advertise sounds like something I'd like and I very well may have fallen for it. Thanks for saving me some $$

  2. I was pretty excited when I got in the first time. Spent my time wandering around, found some candy bars. Everything was fun, I didnt know it was open PVP world. After 30 minutes I found a town. Was running into a building I saw another player and I had two zombies hot on my trail. I stopped to chat and ask for help and he shot me dead.

    Then my character was locked out for 1 hour and I had to make a new character. When the game goes live they want this lockout to be 24 hours. Seriously?