Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 ends, I give out some awards

I didn't accomplish too much in gaming this year. My biggest feat I suppose was level capping in RIFT and getting fully equipped in purple raid gear only to have it trivialized a few weeks later when Storm Legion launched. By then I had had enough and lost all interest. I got one level in Storm Legion and dropped my subscription and just never went back.

This was the year of the board game for me. If you look back over my posts and see all the board games I played I got a lot of time in. Near the end of 2012 I got lazy and tapered off quite a bit and went back to computer gaming. Now I have this itch to complete games I largely ignored due to MMO addictions.

I have put time in on Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Starcraft 2, Fallout 3 and others. I even went back to Diablo 3. I guess I am at the point where MMO's are not that fulfilling anymore however I logged a TON of time in Guild Wars 2 due to how easy it was to play and get in and out. I played GW2 a lot like a console game which I still feel it is. There is very little community activity in that game, no real need to group, pretty bad dungeons and empty low level areas already in its young life.

As time goes on I play it less and less but sometimes it is fun for the combat.

Next year my goal is less MMO time and more time finishing these over 200 games plus I own on STEAM as well as cranking out some XBOX360 Kinnect action with the girlfriend.

I dont have a list for things that were good or bad as I did post a small one on Twitter which I will repeat here. Take it with a grain of salt from a very jaded MMO player. I even turned my back on World of Warcraft skipping the dreadful Mists of Pandaria altogether. After 9 long years my run in that game just....ended with no regrets.

Worst PC Game I played: The War Z

Best PC Game I played: This is a tough one. I played A LOT of Minecraft still but that snuck in for 2011. Overall I loved Guild Wars 2 but my RAPTR time was front loaded early, then it cooled off. Also do I take into account MMO's or non MMO games? I had a ton of fun in Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2. At this point I may have some sort of strange 3 way tie in games with Guild Wars 2 (although its faults are REALLY starting to show), Diablo 3 and Borderlands 2 which is a very well done game.

Worst Movie: The Dictator.

Best Boardgame: I had a blast with Runebound and its expansions but that is an old title. For a new game I really enjoyed the Dungeons and Dragons Drizzt, Ravenloft and Ashardalon games.

Worst Boardgame: Zombicide without a doubt. But I would like to add of course that ANY game that involves rum trading, agriculture or is Eurotrash should be added to this category forever and always.

Best sports moment: Denver going 13-3 of course but a runner up is Lovie Smith getting fired in Chicago

Worst TV Show: Is and continues to be Whitney, the lame comedy? on NBC that does not produce one laugh ever....and uses a laugh track. This show has been shuffled around, uses cliched and stale jokes from the 1990's we have heard over and over about couples and yet it somehow continues to make it out of the slum. Meanwhile quality shows like Men of A Certain Age get canned.

I wont be voting on best movie sorry. Movie tastes are just far too different to post likes and dislikes. When I look back at the movies that really struck me as terrific I cannot say I had one film that was just awe inspiring but I know that I did watch the Avengers about 7 times. Not in theatres no but once I got it digitally I did watch it a TON. I think that perhaps that was my favorite movie. Now of course there are so many categories and this topic can go back and forth but for pure pulp action and fun that was the movie for me.

When I look at the PC games I played the most some weird titles pop up. Fallout 3, Minecraft, Champions Online. Ones you would not expect to see hours and hours on. Somehow it is the pop in and pop out quickly aspect I love.

I expect 2013 to be the year of Warhammer 40k again as well as many non MMO computer games. I may get back into PC wargaming but I am really burned out on World War 2 titles. We will see how I feel once the summer rolls around and the GenCon 2013 itch starts to kick  in.

Until then have a good New Years. I post a lot more now on Google + and Twitter so look for my adventures to be put on those sites as well.

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