Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012 Update

Christmas peaked early for me this year as I got a new car, a nVidia GTX570 and a new Android phone. At that point I was done so present wise it is a slow time and I am happy with that tech stuff I got earlier.

My New Years Resolution this coming year is to catch up and finish all these games on +Steam I have purchased. First up was Borderlands 2. I am up to level 12 with a Siren and 10 with a Commando. I easily spent over 5 hours in the game the past two days.

Then I went and put over 6 hours into +Dishonored as well. I can't say that I did my best on the stealth aspects. I like the world it is set in and the story but I cant help to think that just running around and killing everyone makes no difference at all as opposed to being stealthy. It is fun but not as fun as Borderlands 2 or Farcy 3.

I spent a about 2 hours in Farcry 3 as well before trying out some older games like Command and Conquer 2 Red Alert. Let me tell you...if you have forgotten the definition of TANK RUSH then look no further than going back and trying this classic again. Within 17 minutes I was getting nuked and then blown off the board by the computer AI. Having forgotten all the build orders I got absolutely and totally owned.

I also re-installed RAGE (a bit linear now that I play it a second time) mainly due to the new DLC and I put Dragon Age back on my PC to really give that a sit down and try it out. Of course this barely scratches the surface of the games I own but it is a start.

Add to that the starting of a Grey Knight army for Warhammer 40k and I have quite a busy year laid out ahead of me.

I managed to get the wash on my squad of Grey Knights over the weekend and I will finish them up next week hopefully.