Saturday, December 1, 2012

Minecraft new server Day 3: Score

So since we decided to start a new server world in Minecraft our adventures have been rather...interesting.

The first day in I got lost and died and separated from my cohort. After I got my bearings I stumbled upon a small village that allowed me to get a head start and get some free housing. I combined both the houses I found via an extension hallway and commenced digging under my home to see what was below me.

My girlfriend and I managed to find each other later that night because I built tall towers of stone with torches on the top. Eventually she found one and we triangulated our positions and met in the middle. Now a nice trail of torches leads us to each others houses.

My significant other in the meantime stumbled upon a pyramid in the desert complete with chests and a few nice mosaic tiles. While she was working on that I was fortifying and cleaning up the area around me and I was prepping to go on a mineral run.

Day 3 rolled around and we spent ANOTHER 3 hours on our server in our separate lodgings exploring and killing skeleton archers and creepers.

Setting a trail of torches on the ground I set out in a random direction and continued until I saw something that caught my eye. It was an innocent enough little passage leading down so I stopped and decided this is where I would descend. While I was doing this I saw a message come up that QTNSXY had been blown up by a creeper and she had lost a good amount of ore. Somehow one had gotten inside her house. I was way too far away to help so she would spend the night recovering materials.

I dug deep and eventually constructed a small safehouse underground and plopped down a furnace and crafting table as well as a chest. At this point I heard lava and managed to dig even deeper finding multiple pools and a huge harvesting area of RedStone ore.

If a player left or right clicks on, or an entity moves or falls on redstone ore, the block will emit level 9 light until it receives the next block tick (47 seconds on average).
Redstone ore veins form at the bottom 16 layers of the map. Below layer 14, it can be found in 1.025% of stone. There are an average of 25 redstone ores per chunk.

I dug up all I could and then doused much of the lava with a nearby waterfall by digging a trench over to extinguish it. Then I saw it. A diamond vein. My entire time in Minecraft I had owned maybe 7 diamonds at best (I frequently start over).

After digging these up I continued to explore and then it happened. A creeper had approached behind me and "set me up the bomb".


My two iron armor pieces were no match for the catastrophic blast he laid on me and my world went up in a violent explosion. With that were my diamonds, lapis lazuli, iron ore and mushrooms. This made me angry because usually I take precautions to place things in chests before moving on and this is why.

I also had not made a bed in my new place so I had not rebound myself near my conquest. So back to the desert I was thrown. Then I realized it was night, I had no wood and had not stashed any tools. I had to run all the way back naked with carrots and a bone for a weapon until I found a nearby tree and could recover.

Luckily I had marked my trail well and I found my digging site and saferoom. Then I went deeper and turned the corner and miraculously there it was: all my belongings floating just above the ground waiting to be relooted.

After taking out numerous zombies and skeleton archers I managed to actually find ANOTHER diamond mine and call it a night. It was a good haul overhaul: I finished with 84 redstone ore, 57 lapis lazuli, 14 diamonds and over 90 iron ore. This was a good haul and would go far toward establishing our stockpile.

My next goal is to find a dungeon for free iron rail tracks and then construct a minecart rail system to get around the map better.

Onward to the next 3 hours!