Thursday, January 10, 2013

Experimentation with monster power levels continues

My first Barbarian is in ACT IV now but he is mainly a sword and board build. By the way the cutscene for ACT IV was freaking awesome. Quite a twist in the story.

Anyway my second Barbarian is a two hand build and she had gotten all the best gear so far including two Legendaries. I had an epic battle in ACT III with GHOM on monster power level 7 earlier. I had to really kite him around in between swigging health potions.

He is dead now...barely. Sonja, the two handed wielding Barbarian, uses a Legendary weapon and helm. Of the three items I have found only the ring did I give away.

So far I was unable to defeat Balil on Monster Power level 7. He is just too tough and we don't do enough damage. After numerous deaths we had to drop it down to 4 or 5. I haven't tried him solo on level 7 yet but I am guessing it will be the same result. 

I have not hit the auction house yet. This is all from drops. I suppose I could get more legendaries off the AH but I want to see how well I can do with drops. 

I have three other characters in ACT 3 now. My goal is to finish the game on Normal with each character class and then go from there to see if I want to continue and play the game the way Blizzard wants us all to play it: farm and play the Auction House. I am not sure my heart will be into it but at least right now with the difficulty adjustment ability it makes Normal mode much more fun.

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