Wednesday, January 2, 2013

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I spent about 4 hours yesterday digging deep into this title after several attempts to start over and try to see a pattern in how I am supposed to run the defense of the planet.

One thing I am worried about is making mistakes early on that no matter what I do I will not be able to fix it later. Pretty much working my way into a corner.

Though I started with the tutorial I am already having issues with understanding the lack of engineers, building the base, the proper build order, which countries to let go into chaos and more. Do I put at least two medkits in the squad? Do I need that stun device to capture aliens? How many aliens should I plan on capturing? What about Interceptors?

There are a lot of questions in this game that I just have no idea about. It is very deep but I do have some issues. One is the camera. It is terrible. Since it doesn't rotate like normal and in "segments" it makes it hard to get a good shot on the action. To my liking it does not zoom out enough either. Also the distinction between the floors and getting troops to go up steps or onto roofs is incredibly annoying.

The directions per missions are a little cloudy as well. On the bomb mission I thought I could still deactivate it  when standing next to it even though it had been activated. Instead I had 3 turns to bug out and everyone blew up and died. If I am standing next to it why can I not just still shut it down?

I have a lot to learn in this game but I may hit up the Steam workshop and see what mods are out there to fix some issues I have unless anyone can recommend good ones here for me.

Despite those problems I have to say the game is a blast. I cringe when I lose certain troopers and there is a lot of depth, I just hope there is not one linear path to winning and multiple strategies can work.

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