Saturday, February 23, 2013

Action PC Football Fantasy League 2012

It is not a hidden fact that I am a football fanatic. I have scoured the web and tried many football games but few have held my attention. Until Action PC Football. Forget that shitty Madden 2013 and the other lame ass twitch oriented football games...this is the read deal.

Using Action PC Football:

I am going to release all players from the Projected 2012 disk (the official one is not released until Stats Inc compiles this year's NFL stats) into a draft pool. Then randomly draft everyone mixing up the teams. I can assign the draft order randomly with in game tools and then tell the computer to draft all 50 rounds.

To keep things fair I will only play 3 games a scheduled week, and the teams will always be different so that I dont learn to dominate with one team.

For example Bradshaw may end up on the Saints or something weird like that. Then I will play a full season and see how it pans out in reference to the actual year. I want to start in 1970 but the season disks are a little pricey so I may have to do 80's-90's and then 2012. I already own the 1986 season and the projected 2012 season as well as 2011.

The game allows all that to happen and more. I have recently done this with this past seasons players and gotten some unusual draft results (using a random order):

The first 10 picks for a new 2012 season were as follows:

Washington - Gronkowski, TE
New Orleans - Rodgers, QB
Kansas City - Brees, QB
Denver - Graham, TE
Buffalo - Charles, RB
Atlanta - Brady , QB
Miami - Stafford, QB
Carolina - Romo , QB
Indianapolis - Ryan, QB
Green Bay - Manning, QB

You can find the results of week one and all the weeks after on my league HTML page which is actually created IN game with a menu option. Action PC Football is pretty complete and the best football simulation game I have seen so far on the market.

Keep an on that page for results as I complete games. Week one is under way!

I play with horizontal fields which have in game animations and use fields and player photos from this site:

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