Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Firefall beta

Firefall, the MMO FPS by Red 5 Studios, allowed me in at last to the beta. You can also pay a minimum of 20 dollars to get in and at the moment that gives you 5 invites for other people.

Getting invited also gives you 5 invites. And so on and so on and so on.

At first when I heard about it a few months back I passed it off as a weak Tribes clone. My insatiable quest to find a replacement for Tabula Rasa and Star Wars Galaxies has led me to sign up however and the following video did a lot to bolster my entusiasm:

I gotta admit Firefall is super fun. I like the way you can change classes just by getting a new Battleframe. The tech trees are cool too. I went Sniper (Recon) and leveled up and now I have cryo bullets that freeze my targets.

Gunfights at night are awesome especially when you dont turn on your flashlight and bullets are whizzing all around. I have a few beta invites left as well

Its nice and open world so we disregarded the tutorial and just took off into the hills and were in a heap a trouble pretty soon. Events are dynamic a lot like RIFT where you can free towns and stuff and then use their shops and such.

Events take place all the time and I do like that XP is money to level in this game. There are no levels so you just go out and explore and don't worry about anything but survival and completing missions. Overall good fun. Will it last? No idea. But it is free to play so that works for me at launch (along with Neverwinter).

My "MMO" dryspell may be  over.

In case anyone is worried about the PVP aspect overtaking the PVE aspect: