Monday, February 11, 2013

Neverwinter Beta

So I tried the user created adventure in Neverwinter that focused on Goblins and then led to the "Tomb of Doom". This was a three part mission and I only made it to the second part. The first was a long outdoor adventure with plenty of fighting but a good amount of fun.

You can take user created missions by using the job board in the center of town and then proceeding to the quest location.

Zombie Hulks are very nasty. I rated the adventure a 4 because it had good flavor and a great end boss named Gurtzrag Big Tummy. Which cracked me up and was the perfect name for a Goblin Warlord. Hard too. Even blocking the Zombie Hulks knocked me down and I had to use a lot of strateeegery when attacking them. Blocking, charging, moving in and out and even throwing down portable altars to heal were just some of the moves I had use.

It was primarily an outdoor map for the first of the 3 parts. 

Neverwinter to me = a 3D Diablo 3 or Torchlight. That's why I like it. Get in, get out and get your stuff done. There are events going off at different times of the day (Champions Online players will recognize this) and there are always things to do. The game plays a lot like City of Steam does currently if you want another game to compare it to (or BETA I should say). I love the fact that I can "roll" my stats on a new character and disarm traps or find secrets in the dungeons. I am sure Cryptic will expand upon this as the game goes on. While full of flavor I do like the dungeon crawls in DDO a little better right now but lets let this game get out of beta and see how it expands.

User created content and fun combat make this game pretty enjoyable. I can latch onto this more than a traditional MMO right now because I find most of them boring at this point. Jumping puzzles and trying to get 100% completion on a map is not my idea of fun at end game. It should not be yours either. People need to ask for real content. At least WoW has dungeons that work. That is another topic for another day I guess.

I can easily see myself running a lot of user created adventures (made with the Foundry in game) and then rating them and making some of my own as well. Heck you could level off of just those and not even do the real quests in the game.

I got to about level 7 or 8 then split time with the girlfriend (I only prepaid on one account no rush really). The beta is on weekends only but sadly is still full of the same morons that most other betas have. Overall however my douchebag encounter factor was low and I proceeded to meet mostly decent people and have a good time solo or grouped.

I tried all three classes and liked the rogue and warrior the best. The cleric was ok but seemed way over powered. I can just see it now as leagues of clerics join groups and don't heal while just standing in back chucking light lances at mobs all dungeon. Yiippeeee.

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