Friday, February 15, 2013

The Prometheus movie post

With the release of Aliens: Colonial Marines I feel the need to once AGAIN back up the movie Prometheus.

While not some awesome cinematic experience it was still a great go round for Alien fans. True Alien fans. Just to reiterate I am a Alien(s) nerd. So don't expect me to hate on Prometheus and the contributions of Ridley Scott to the sci fi genre.

Prometheus was, for us Alien fans, exactly what we needed. It showed the origin of the things we have latched onto and also provided more mysteries. So, one last time, I will post this to get it off my chest and to preserve the wording since it has been lost on many forums and Facebook arguments.

The main theme from the start of the movie is "Sacrifice". The way the Weyland corp deliberately send in complete idiots (mercenaries not scientists) while they sit on a lifeboat safe and sound screams sacrifice.

Nothing can be achieved without it. It's the main premise of the movie as the intro to the film also demonstrates. Earth was to be used as a seeding point for the engineers parasitic biotech. That's why they created us. The goal is to produce perfect life.We were to be used as hosts.

Look at the opening scene. The ship in the background IS LEAVING. Watch the credits. The DNA makes a new lifeform. From what? The engineer that killed himself by drinking the liquid. IS that Earth? Who knows. But it shows how it is done.

Ridley Scott has this to say about the scene:
'That could be a planet anywhere. All he’s doing is acting as a gardener in space. And the plant life, in fact, is the disintegration of himself. If you parallel that idea with other sacrificial elements in history – which are clearly illustrated with the Mayans and the Incas – he would live for one year as a prince, and at the end of that year, he would be taken and donated to the gods in hopes of improving what might happen next year, be it with crops or weather, etcetera.'

My evidence??

Look at the sculpture on the wall. It's the deacon protomorph rising from the primordial goo. But look below that to the left and right at the bottom. What do we see? Yes two humans or engineers with facehuggers injecting eggs into them. Go and check again if you didn't see it in the movie.

What is the Deacon you ask? Look it up:

Also the biologist mentions that one of the space jockeys bodies they find has had something explode out its chest. Yes they had an outbreak before they got all the cargo on board. We were to be used as the hosts for the perfect lifeform. So our gods created us to be mere cattle. So all your theories about LV 426 are not correct. The derelict on LV 426 predates the weapons lab on the moon by many thousands of years or more and that's why he was fossilized.

If you are in any doubt of anything I've said, watch the movie again. Also listen to the dialog when they are in the pyramid very carefully. Including the part about how the water isn't frozen although its 12 below as its actually nanite goo. The whole place is made of the stuff as liquid nanite fluid appears to be the basis for the engineers technology. Its also how David figures out how to work the holo emitters. Remember "David" has an IQ supposedly of 360 or more. He has been given instructions to look out for the bio technologies the company wish to acquire this is the hidden agenda of the Weyland Corporation and the reason they are on the mission in the first place as its certainly not down to cave paintings.

After David opened the chamber door, he atmospherically compromised the room’s air which had been sealed for around 2000 years (we know this because they carbon dated the headless body by about 2000 years). Fresh air caused the murals on the wall to degrade and the temperature difference of the fresh air caused the canisters to sweat, like when you put ice in a glass of water. This also had an effect on the biological liquids in the canisters, causing them to start expanding (liquids can expand when the temperature radically changes).

The initial team sent in are nothing more than an experiment or sacrifice with David pulling the strings.Why do you think David is running about pushing things and opening doors like a maniac? He wants at least one of them infected and when it doesn't happen first time round through inhalation he's told to "try harder".

As is explained later in the movie Vickers "the suit" wants the company and whatever she can salvage from the bio tech they hope to smuggle back. Of course her father wants immortality or the technology to achieve it. So we also see there is a conflict of interests between family members of Weyland Corporation. As I've said before I cannot find any plots holes within Prometheus. Only that people misunderstood the film.

The tomb sculpture with facehuggers

The Black nanite goo and its function

Results of integration and DNA tests


  1. It's good to know that Earth may not have been the planet in the opening scene and that the setting was not the place where The Nostromo set down. These two facts are truly crucial in understanding Prometheus and rectifying what seemed to be errors in continuity to the later films. Thanks, after reading this I'm certain you're correct on every point.

  2. It helps to know that the planet in the opening scene was not necessarily Earth and that the setting wasn't the planet where The Nostromo set down. These two points are crucial in rectifying what seemed to be continuity errors to the later films. After reading this I'm certain you're correct on all points. Thanks