Monday, March 25, 2013

Avengers Volume 5 so far

I am really enjoying the new Avengers Volume 5 run from Marvel so far. Issues 1-8 have not been a let down and harken back to good old days of solid writing and character development. Hickman as usual does a great writing job.

The Avengers team was torn down and started up again by Stark and Rogers, even expanded in case they needed more specialists. As they said at the start of issue 1:

"We had to get bigger"

There are some strange names on the team for sure this time around but Marvel has been clever to introduce the new members through certain issues. They even have a multi dimensional teleporter named Manifold. According to my wiki search Manifold didn't even appear until 2009. He is an interesting character. He actually provides the Avengers with the quick movement they need to get around the globe...and solar system. The first 3 issues are drawn by Jerome Opena and look terrific. They have swapped now to Adam Kubert and then Dustin Weaver. I wasn't a big fan of Kubert's art but Weaver is good.

The story is epic in scope as well with several cities around the world being virus bombed in the opening issue and then the story fades in issue 3 and picks back up in issue 5 as it ties loose ends and then exposes an even greater threat. Overall I am anxiously awaiting more issues to see where this goes. I have some reservations on some of the members though. They do not seem all that fleshed out and are rather bland (like Shang-Chi and Captain Universe). Maybe as it goes on we will get more filler. Members I love include Cannonball and Hyperion who just rocks.

The new volume starts out with fighting in Mars then proceeds back to Earth so be ready to buckle up. So far it has been a fun ride.