Thursday, March 7, 2013

Champions Online healer gets to 10 at last

Tonight I finally leveled a healer in Champions Online. He is actually an alien that goes by the name of Chosson. He has a rather intricate background as most of my characters do (even typed up in game in case he is inspected). He actually does quite well offensively as well as at healing. His primary stat is Presence. He is now level 10 and ready to go on and catch up with the rest of my characters.

He has been stranded on Earth for quite a while with no hope of rescue. What was left of his people were wiped out in their petty wars long ago. He has used what was left of his ship to fashion molecular armor for himself which gives him a shiny but elusive appearance. Since he is alien of origin he of course sticks out like a sore thumb but he is no weirder than some of the other heroes of Millennium City.

Chosson's race is capable of harnessing great mental energy and conducting it through their bodies. Through training and patience they are able to direct that energy to cause harm or healing at their targets. They embody the very celestial spirits they worshiped back home. Only a select few were picked to leave their home system and make contact with other races. Chosson happened to be one of them.

His healing abilities (which can also be used as damage) include two single targets and an AOE. I also have an AOE knockback that, when combined with a force manipulation character, can cause quite a bit of carnage.

He travels through electrical phasing.