Sunday, March 17, 2013

GMT taking some of their wargames digital

This is a cut and paste from a cut and paste so take it with a grain of salt. 

In their recent newsletter GMT has given us an update on their progress on the digital front.

If you did not know GMT Games is one of the best wargame publishers on the market. Here is their website:

They make such hits as Command and Colors,Twilight Struggle, SPQR, Wilderness War and Combat Commander. All of these may necessitate me having to get a bigger tablet

"The program team for Twilight Struggle for Windows has just finished 
a new update/build, and Kai is bringing in some fresh testers now to 
go along with the alpha test team, so we make sure we continue to get 
unjaded perspectives." 

I got this on pre-order so I'm currently on the fence about either 
applying for a beta-tester position or just sit back and relax and 
wait until they're finished with it. 

"Manoeuvre for iOS - We just got some internal screenshots of the UI a 
few weeks ago. Still quite a lot to do here, but slowly making 

"Empire of the Sun for iPad - To my knowledge we haven't had an update 
on this for a couple months, so I am unsure on exact current status. 
The last version I saw had the map and piece movement working, but not 
anything beyond that" 

"NightFighter for Windows - I haven't seen an update recently on this 
one either, but last I heard from Kai we were expected an alpha 
version of this soon. I hope we'll have screenshots to show you guys 
this spring." 

"Pacific Typhoon for Android - At last update, this one is making 
decent progress. We hope to have a playable version ready for testing 

"Winds of Plunder for iOS - This one's still in pretty early stages. 
More as we know it." 

"Commands & Colors (Playdek) - I had a conference call with the 
Playdek folks last week. I can't say much (NDA) but can tell you that 
we understand that this is absolutely on their schedule, but not for 
2013. More as we know it."  

"Fields of Fire - Just agreed to a few weeks ago."