Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The gang's all here - Champions Online

I have quite a few *cough* characters in Champions Online. Over time they have kind of leveled together and I have kept them all within the same range. I have tried to cover every class type but really cannot focus on a "healer" so to speak. I will be working on that next. Champions Online is my third most played game ever since I started on RAPTR a while back. It is one of those MMO's that I have played since launch but never really capped or done anything significant in. I just make heroes, log in and beat things up and have fun with it.

Here are the heroes that stalk my Hall of Justice:

Boulder seen here with Cherry Lotus about to take down some bad Lemurians

Manipulator master of force. Gets his powers from a circuitry suit he designed. Unfortunately it stayed grafted to him.

Cannonball. A meat head ex football player with super strength.

Talon the mutant that just recently mutated. Half man half hawk.

Coldsnap. Generally I do not play him too much but at one point I do want to level him up just because he gets around with ice slide.

Darkshot. The brooding Batman want to be. Uses gadgets and is primarily a tricky character to play.

American Patriot. Enhanced brawling character capable of in close fighting but not too strong in the health department.

Mysterium. Draws his powers from the moon and channels them into eldritch witchcraft abilities.

That is about it for now. I have a smattering of other characters that don't get too much playtime including an Iron Man ripoff named Battlewagon but other than I stick to the ones above. I still want to make a mental power using character but I am running low on slots.