Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to time in RIFT

So now I am down to two MMO's with a third coming up in the form of Neverwinter. Of course I am still playing Champions Online and then I am heading back to RIFT.

With my return to World of Warcraft done (see this post http://hudsonshideout.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-self-inflicted-torture-of-world-of.html) I decided to head back to RIFT for the first time since last October.

I had been an active raider in a raiding guild but when the new expansion launched I lost all will to level and see the new end game stuff. I leveled my Assassin so hard and fast that I burned out by the time the expansion went live and really didn't like raiding with him. In RIFT I like to tank or heal end of story. 

So I went back and decided to finally work on my level 23 cleric which is on another shard separate from the shard with the raiding guild. I'm over on Wolfsbane right now and the cleric is already level 31.

A steady dose of instant adventures and dungeon runnings plus a health swig of experience potions nets me 1-2 levels a day and that is very casual. 

I found a healing mod that offers click to heal ability so my responses are super fast but healing under the pure cleric soul I built can be a bit iffy since there is no real AOE heal. The build is based around SHIELDING damage. So if the group starts taking a lot of damage I can find myself in trouble. So far I have healed about 10-12 dungeon runs and have picked it up quite well. 

Along side this I am working my Alchemy and other trade skills during down time and when I just want to relax. For the most part I am back in RIFT to also check out the Dimensional Housing (I have the Chamber dimension) and because the people are more tolerable for the most part. Also RIFT does have a lot to offer for a hard core player if you so choose to go that route. I'll stick with it and see how healing goes at higher levels. At least I have the option of switching to DRUID if I need to. I am still looking for a more traditional style of healing equal to say a WoW Holy Priest.