Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Sentinels of the Multiverse games end in disaster

I managed to get in two games of Sentinels of the Universe this weekend.

The first game was Tachyon, Bunker, Fanatic and Visionary vs Plague Rat. The battle took place in Rook City.

Plague Rat turned out to be a little too much for us to handle. Though we managed to put some damage on him I dont think the heroes ever got him halfway down. With the infections and his regeneration we realized we just had the wrong set of heroes for the job. By the time Bunker got into full swing (and I learned how to use him) it was way too late and the entire super hero crew was badly beat up.

At this point we decided to call the first game and then moved on to game two. The second battle was fought between our intrepid heroes on the Mars Base. This involved Baron Blade and Haka, Fanatic, Tachyon and Tempest.

On the very last card flip of the game, with 14 cards in the Baron's discard pile and him about to pull the Moon into the Earth, Tempest did JUST enough damage to cause the Baron's card to flip over and save the universe. This caused his discard pile to be reshuffled and we had a minor victory. However this new robot version of Baron Blade did in the heroes. Not only did we diffuse ONE bomb, we had another Mars Base Self Destruct bomb come up near the end. With Tempest down and out and Haka badly wounded we just did not have enough left in the tank to beat Baron Blades second card side.

Still the games had epic moments and this was by FAR the most fun I had playing a card game since my first Game of Thrones game back last year. The stories that you can tell and the things that happen are a blast and feel like a Hero movie. We knew that next time we face Baron Blade we had to go at him directly and ignore his minions. We did a TON of damage as a team but a lot of it was soaked up by his damn machines and force fields and scads of minions.

As for game one. Well we just got slaughtered. Until we are more familiar with the heroes and what they do against certain villains its best for us to keep the complexity as low as possible. The Plague Rat was a bad choice for a first game. We honestly thought "He's a rat, how hard can he be?" but I reckon it pays to look at a villains deck to see what he can do. Or maybe not. Surprise make it all the more fun.