Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heroclix beginnings

Crabby Old Gamer and I are taking care of our Superhero fix by going the Clix route. At first we were going to try and go the SuperFigs rules system route but I ended up not liking it too much. Also I wanted to play Marvel characters and why bother going to a site that has "generic" Marvel stats when we can just buy pre painted Clix figures and battle it out?

Also Clix has a wide following and buying into the system would mean we could find others if we were so inclined.

Crabby had a large box of Clix already but it was a mess. I took it upon myself to separate this box by Universe (Marvel, DC, Indies) and then further sort it out by sets. There was a lot of Horrorclix mixed in so we had to set those aside.

Then we each went to the local Graham Crackers Comic Store and bought some basic starter sets. I then got the Marvel Avengers Movie starter set off of Troll and Toad and he got some FF sets. We were then underway. Tomorrow is our first test game to learn the rules.

You can find all the rules for Heroclix and the character cards on the official site here:

If you want even deeper reference points head over to HC Realms and check out their lists of figures for all sets. 

There are some good beginner videos on the web as well: