Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Heroclix Online Fight: Shield vs Random Villains

So last nights #Heroclix Online game came down to two survivors: A Doombot and Captain America. Eliminated already were : Black Widow, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, Red Skull, Sin and Harley Quinn. 

Doombat had one click left and Captain America was on 6 clicks of damage. Cap had the next turn so I had to do something as he was rested and would be allowed to act.

I activated the Doombot's self destruct mechanism and blew up the room doing one damage to Captain America but it was not enough. He still had one HP left even after taking a total of 7 damage in the fight. Doombot blew up and my opponent won the game. That Cap is one tough SOB. 

The game also featured Harley Quinn mind controlling Black Widow to attack Coulson with a Flurry move. The Red Skull took out Nick Fury with a poison attack.

Sin was demolished by Cap's shield and Coulson later knocked himself out by over exerting.