Saturday, April 6, 2013

Over 9 hours of Heroclix

Friday was a busy day of heroes for me and Crabby Old Gamer.

We started by playing some small games of Heroclix to learn the system and then visited 3 stores in his area to check out the stock of the Clix. Surprisingly the local stores do not stock a lot of starter sets. The selection was slim at many of the places we went. Even the big known stores in the area. EBAY and Troll and Toad still remain our best source of Heroclix merchandise.

The games we played were small test games.

In no particular order we play Dark Knight Rises Bane vs. 3 SWAT troopers. You can figure how that ended. One trooper was killed with Bane's rocket launcher and the other two were hit so hard they went through a truck.

We played Union Jack vs Moleman and a Skrull Commando. Union Jack easily handled the villains with well  placed shots from his pistol. We played a Green Lanter vs Cat Woman one off match. Cat Woman was on Hal Jordan rather quickly but two uppercuts to her jaw put her down.

Our best battle of the day was an epic streetfight involving Annihilus and the Wrecker vs Ironman and Human Torch.

Annihilus went down early but the Wrecker got into hand to hand with Iron Man and pounded him so hard Tony Stark was forced to reboot his armor systems twice and regenerate himself. The final blow was a series of lucky rolls by myself involving Iron Mans boot repulsors. I manged to get to the part of his dial that activated the repulse power and the Wrecker was sent flying 6 squares back. This opened up the place for the Human Torch to blast the wrecker and he rolled 2 sixes which is a crit and a knock back. With the 3 damage the Wrecker was KO'd and knocked into the nearby office building and that was that.

Later that night when I got home I hopped online and fought a 200 point battle in Heroclix Online with Sue Storm and the Human Torch.

A pretty good day of comic book nerdery if I do say so myself.