Sunday, May 5, 2013

Easy MMO's produce clueless players at end game

Who hasn't died in Neverwinter yet? I came close the other day but I have founders pack stuff and a zillion potions. I did die from wandering into a spawn of about 2 Orc camps when they popped onscreen but that's all so far. They need achievements for this!

On a totally separate note: I healed a PUG dungeon in SWTOR with a year old character that had no skill points assigned and I used two buttons: force bubble and some big heal. I don't even know the name. I just wanted to test the LFG Q and next thing I know I decided to stick it out.

Also the players stealthed around many of the mobs to get to the end.

First off:

Who designs a dungeon like that ?


What is the point of running a dungeon if you aren't going to actually get any XP or really RUN the dungeon?

I'm thinking I need to level cap before these games get hard but honestly does that teach people how to play these games as a team? Or do people not care about that aspect anymore?

I'm sure there are some things that can be hard like maybe if you take on a group quest solo or something. Maybe. Or do the designers of games that are getting older now just want you to zoom to end game so most are horribly over geared for the low level stuff?

Certainly seems to be the case in World of Warcraft at least.

I've gotten to the end of some of these games and seen players with just no clue about what they are doing in groups. I have always been an advocate against solo'ing to level cap. I always will be. Now that this is accepted practice some of these games are just intolerable as are their player populations.

And yes I know I can always find a hard core raiding guild etc etc but what about the journey to the end and learning as I get there. Why must every MMO be reduced to easy leveling and then just reroll or find some hard core guild?