Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Marvel Heroes NDA drops: commence spam attack

Now that the Marvel Heroes NDA has been dropped I can finally upload and link all the videos I have been saving up on my hard drive as well as tons of screenshots.

To say I like the game is an understatement. Marvel Heroes also marks the first time in my gaming history I have bought what amounts to a "lifetime subscription" but really is not. It is a founders pack that unlocks everything for the free to play title as well as tacks a permanent XP boost on my account and other goodies.

You see when you are a comic book nut like I am you simply cannot accept having to grind for hopeful hero unlocks in this game. You want them all (over 20+) on opening day PLUS all their alternate costumes.

Official website is here:

I don't really review games anymore. Lets just say if you like Super Heroes and comic books you need to play this game on day one. The sounds are spot on, the graphics and lighting quality are excellent and the animations are top notch. The game is still a little rough around the edges on its quest tracker and end game content (soon to be released in beta) and it could use some sort of scaling mechanism in its instances if a player goes back to farm but overall it has gotten better with each beta patch.

Launch is June 4th and it is free to play. Early access is somewhere around May 28th I think.

And now my spam:

Captain America low level vs Electro


Thor gameplay (around level 9-10)


 Spider-Man gameplay (around level 6 or so)


The voices and actors behind the game:

Screenshots of Captain America vs HYDRA various fights: