Sunday, May 19, 2013

RIFT key giveaway results

Ok so I have the following names entered from this post:

Walter White

Michael Hoover

Max Hazard

Bo Esbye



Now it is no mystery that since RIFT went free to play tons of people have come out of the woodwork clamoring for these keys. Look I get it folks. You want the key to activate things that people who have been loyal to RIFT for 2 years or so already have when it goes free to play. I see the angle. But where were all these people just one month ago? RIFT is a good game. In fact it is one of the most feature filled MMO's we have right now. It was well worth the support. As a former raider in that game and one who can no longer afford the 14.99 a month it made me happy to see it go Free to Play. I am not sure how the other players feel in fact the forums are rife with anger and hostility but in order for some games to survive you need to go the Free to Play route.

I am of firm belief that Defiance has been for the most part a flop for Trion. You can quote a million accounts created etc etc but all purposes the game has already faded from playlists just a month or two after launch. Honestly it is not that good. I would have loved to have seen those resources go toward more RIFT content or something along that nature rather than Defiance. In the end maybe they stretched themselves into a bad genre who knows. I am not sure how Planetside 2 is doing so I cannot compare the titles.

Ok I have to cut this contest short originally it was to go until June 23rd but with TRIONS announcement I have to get this done soon.

I will create a random number between 1-6 and then award the key to that person. If that person does not answer within two days I will roll again and remove them. If no one claims it it is going on Twitter.


Here we go using this random number generator:

I did 6 clicks for 6 entries and our winner is



Leave a reply here with an email address I can send it to. 

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  1. My email is Thanks bud, i"m super stoked.