Sunday, May 26, 2013

Star Trek Online: choices in starships

Picking a new ship for myself at level 21 last night was an ordeal in #StarTrekOnline. 

I know I wanted either to strike fast and have good mobility or (my choice of playstyle) take a lot of damage but unleash massive firepower. 

My cruiser choice screwed me a little because it was limited in what my science officer could do. I want to get Tractor Beam into play but the station on the refit cruiser only allowed the most basic science officer abilities. So I waited...and waited...and waited 10 levels.

This time I was little more careful. I wanted durability so I picked the USS Excelsior from Star Trek VI the Undiscovered Country. I didn't like the console slots the free ship was offering me so I traded up with some Zen.

I made sure it had the slot I needed to get my science officer (Obeni..a Vulcan) to use tractor beam.

What a glorious choice. I now enter battle with:

Fire on my Mark,

emergency power to weapons,
attack pattern alpha III,
fire at will beam

all loaded up

IF the enemy survives that I hit them with a nice surprise of jam targeting sensors followed by a tractor beam which keeps them from getting that lowered shield out of my firing arc.

Quite effective.