Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Star Trek Online Legacy of Romulus

Legacy of Romulus is live finally and what a night it was trying to get in.

The login Q's were overwhelming so I had to give up hope of even trying to play last night. At one point the Q was up to 17,000 players. 

I was able to get in this morning however and the game is really different from a Romulan standpoint. The new tutorial features pop ups, speech and cut scenes that are really well done. I cannot say if it is shorter than the Federation tutorial yet but from what I have seen it is much more streamlined.

You can either lose or gain a STO player in the first 10 minutes. If they try to play the game like World of Warcraft you will lose them. If they take the time to do the tutorial, read over the menus and the gear as well as read and learn on fansites it will eventually click for them

Here are some shots from what I was able to do. Not sure if my Romulan will be Fed or "evil forces" when he hits the level to decide.