Thursday, June 13, 2013

Company of Heroes 2 beta

More #CompanyOfHeroes2  tonight. Didnt think this could happen but they have made this game BETTER than the first one. I actually managed to unlock commanders tonight and get the offboard artillery rolling in

This time I focused on build order and getting more units out. I started by saving resources to move up to the next HQ level and built a small vehicle garage and then   placed Anti Tank Guns in the road and covered the middle of town. You can see in the later screenshots I uploaded where they tank gets blown to bits

I wanted to be more prepared for the blizzard conditions by building more campfires all over so that my men were covered with heat. I had some guys in buildings and built forward bunkers. The enemy came at me hard too with APC's but the AT gun did its job.

The online achievements and the experience you can earn even in skirmishes against the computer make this game really fun. Its also really socially integrated which I like. So far a big thumbs up!

Anyone that gets this we need to do some co op skirmishes against the computer. I noticed he was very aggressive even on easy mode