Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Federation Commander game

My first true Federation Commander game went about 3 turns. I learned a lot. One thing was to better use my energy. The next was to plan photon torpedo use better. Also I needed to keep at a range of about 8 hexes and learn to turn sooner. Over all it was a good game and very fun. I had my chance to deliver a death blow and blew it in the last turn when I made a High Energy Turn to unload and missed with my photon. The Klingon ship raped me at close range.

The battle was a simple duel between a Federation 65 point Fleet scale New Light Cruiser and Klingon 70 point D7 Battle Cruiser. My notes were as follows:


  • USS Bane chooses 8 speed and pre loads both photon torpedo tubes
  • IKV Wounded Knee chooses a speed of 8
  • IKV Wounded Knee launches a Drone at the USS Bane.
  • USS Bane increases Speed to 8+1
  • USS Bane shoots Phaser 3 and damages the drone for one. The Klingon vessel fires phasers 1 and 2 at a range of 17 and hits for 3 on the Banes front shield.
  • USS Bane fires Phaser 1 at drone
  • USS Bane fires a drone
  • USS Bane fires photon torpedos. One hits home and two damage is absorbed for total of 6 damage
  • Klingon fires phaser and disruptor. Phaser misses drone disruptor hits the Bane for 3
  • Klingon phaser hits the Federation drone
  • USS Bane shoots the 360 degree phaser at the Klingon drone and blows it up


  • Both go speed 8.
  • USS Bane fires 2 phaser 1's and a 360 degree phaser 3. 4 damage is score
  • Klingon fires 3 phasers and a disruptor. Total of 8 damage weakening Feds left shield. Klingon fires phaser 2 at the drone
  • Fed Drone gets blown up
  • Two more drones get launched
  • USS Bane fires phaser 1 right side hits for 5. Klingon misses disruptor start
  • Drones hit each ship. ADD goes off. The Klingon ADD misses. He fires his last phaser and kills the drone
  • The USS Bane now uses his ADD. The Klingon drone is destroyed.
  • Klingon fires another drone at range 2
  • The Klingon drone strikes the front shield of the USS Bane. the ADD destroys it.
  • Another Klingon drone as the USS Bane accelerates past the Wounded Knee. The Drone comes in on the rear shield. The Bane's ADD destroys it.


  • The USS Bane has a torpedo armed now and moves 16. The Klingon moves 8
  • The USS Bane unloads everything after a HET. Including the armed torpedo.
  • The Bane fires a torpedo, a phaser 3 and a phaser 1
  • The Klingon fires two phaser 1's and a phaser 2
  • Klingon hits for 11 with a bleed through
  • USS Bane torpedo hits for 8 then total of 15
  • The Klingon takes two internal hits the USS Bane takes 1
  • The Klingon loses a phaser and a disruptor. The USS Bane loses a 360 degree phaser 3
  • Both ships fire drones
  • The Klingon ADD stops the drone but the Federation ships ADD misses the Klingon drone and that hits
  • The USS Bane has weakened front shields and takes massive damage. Meanwhile the Klingon looks for more weapons. He fires a phaser 2 and hits.
  • The USS Bane takes 8 internal. Lab, IMP, TORP, HULL, BTTY, SHUTTLE

With the front shield down and now with less energy the USS Bane surrenders