Monday, June 3, 2013

Star Trek and weekend activities such as Marvel Heroes

This weekend was a good weekend in getting things done in online games. My love of Neverwinter has all but diminished as I rediscovered RIFT. I have just gotten overly tired of Neverwinter's boring generic dungeons that lack all sort of cohesion and class roles. The dragon encounter in the level 30+ dungeon is the perfect example. For all purposes it may as well be a 5 man raid that is almost impossible to finish at the initial level grouping.

Moving on past that game, in which I will basically now just log in to pray for free XP, I had a blast all weekend in Star Trek Online where I went from level 27 to level 32 by running instances such as Mirror Universe, Fleet Actions and ground dilithium events. I have not picked out my new ship yet. I hit 32 this morning by doing Duty Officer assignments. Currently I am in the Devidian quest line where I must travel back through time. I have not played my Romulan or Klingon too much as I am focusing on this human Captain.

Elsewhere Marvel Heroes went live this weekend for 60 and 20 dollar pack owners but I was in last week. However I did not get to play Friday due to login issues so I saved most of my playtime for Saturday and Sunday. I managed to get Cyclops to 10 and a few others to level 8-9. I have not decided on a particular character yet I just enjoying logging in and playing whatever. Thor is next on my leveling Q. Crabby Old Gamer has already hit 11 with Black Widow which for him is a minor miracle. I haven't seen him get by level 5 in any game for a while.

The zone chat in Marvel Heroes continues to be annoying but so is the assumptions that Marvel Heroes is an MMO. In a way it is a lot of people online but in another way it does not fit the moniker of an MMO. People need to stop comparing Marvel Heroes to typical RPG's. It's a Diablo 3 clone. There are people that get mad they cant make their own Hero. That is like saying I am mad that I cannot make my own Barbarian in Diablo 3. There are TONS of characters in Marvel Hero and each has its own skill tree so you can design a character anyway you want. How that fits into the end game I have no idea. I am sure like any game there will be cookie cutter builds.

There are still some bugs in MH that irritate me. My sound sometimes cuts out in the game and takes about 4 minutes to come back (the special effects and fighting sounds) and at one point yesterday my options were not being saved. Also: why guilds? And why not achievements? And why is auto party enable so that some douche can waltz into your instance and clean house?

I also picked up Star Fleet Captains Friday and the Romulan Expansion. This is a pretty good Trek game by other standards. It certainly embodies the exploration and discovery the show did with a good chunk of features and great miniatures included. So a pretty busy weekend altogether started off Friday with Federation Commander and the decision to start our own campaign. Should be some fun times ahead.