Thursday, July 4, 2013

Battle of Seminara: HPS Sims Musket and Pike the Renaissance

The game:

The situation:

The Battle of Seminara. This battle was fought in Calabria on June 28, 1495 between a French garrison in recently conquered southern Italy and the allied forces of Spain and Naples which were attempting to reconquer these territories
Despite joining forces, the Spanish and Neapolitans under Gonsalvo de Cordova and King Ferrante II will have a difficult task defeating the Duc d'Aubigny's French army. The French gendarmes are superior to their Neapolitan chivalric counterpart, while the Spanish infantry are no real match for the renowned Swiss mercenaries, especially once their Neapolitan allies have fled the field. But Gonsalvo will learn from this defeat ...  (Side A = French/Swiss, Side B = Spanish/Neapolitan)
I played the French and the Swiss.

I started out moving up the roads and preparing to get my forces into contact with the Spanish. I have not played this game enough to know the subtleties so I was really winging it here. I had supply carts and a lot of reinforcements so at first I spent many turns just moving.

We finally clash up north on the map and I manage to spread out but suddenly Spanish reinforcements come from the NE and I am in big trouble and in danger of having my flanks folded.

In a timely fashion I get Swiss reinforcements. I make them protect my right while my middle collapses a little and I charge the special French forces into the enemies right flank. They begin to fold and I force them toward the middle

With the arrival of the Swiss my French forces are free to push the Spanish toward the North and I corner their baggage trains and slowly put the choke hold on them. I only JUST manage to get the victory point area before the game timer runs out.

Due to casualties and the fact that I managed to get a VP location that boosted my score considerably. Even though I scored a major victory it was a lot close than it appeared. The Swiss really saved me in this battle.