Sunday, July 7, 2013

Call of Cthulhu Living Card Game first play

This LCG plays a bit differently than other LCG's. I do like the way the players have to contest story areas in the middle. This makes you decide which one to let go and which ones to work for. On top of that each story has a certain effect you can play when you win it so you may be forced to stop your opponent in one arena to prevent them from playing that effect. "Combat" or challenges are done in rounds. So you can plan to win certain rounds and fire off their effects such as driving people crazy or killing them.

There is a resource mechanic also in the form of domains. However even there you must plan ahead as you have to match colors and have enough to play cards. Also domains are FULLY drained so you cannot save points in a domain. Later in game more domains are added to your side with certain things kicking in so it is possible to bank a lot of resources.

Actions come fast and furious. As long as the character is out in play and you have the resources you can fire off actions and abilities. They are even cumulative. Characters that try to solve a story are withdrawn and ready for reassignment on the next turn.

The number one mistake I made in my game was mixing two "human" decks together so that all I had was brute combat strength. This is not a good move since all your characters would only fight in round two of a story challenge and technically a shrewd opponent could negate them in the first round by driving them insane.

With all the cards and expansions the ideas for decks are nearly limitless. How about a deck that focuses on driving your opponent insane in each story challenge? You can do that.

The game flows well and of the four I have tried (the other three being LOTR, Warhammer Invasion and Game of Thrones) I like this one the best.

Here are some pics from my last game:

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  1. Definitely want to play this sometime. Have had the base set and a few expansions for awhile Glad I never got rid of it, but never have found any other players.