Saturday, July 20, 2013

First game of Saratoga went great...for the wrong side

So the monthly meeting of my wargaming club happened today and while 3 of the members fought to decided the fate of Germany in World War 2 I took on Crabby Old Gamer in a game taking place during the birth of our nation: GMT's Revolutionary War game Saratoga. As history would have it this battle was the turning point of the war. The Americans win and France decides to help us out and actual recognize us as an independent country. This Saturday however things did not go quite as planned. Right off the bat the British were further toward Freeman's Farm than I thought they would be as I skipped my first two turns. Even with the fog rules the Brits moved fast. Needless to say the battle of Freeman's Farm never really took shape. I played the game like a WW2 game rather than forming lines and watching the odds like I should have and was easily driven back by the Redcoat onslaught.

So falling back I had to head toward higher ground. However on the right flank the British were pressing and I lost initiative 4 turns in a row. As such I was on my heels the whole game. With some key retreats I had to make the British gained the easy side of Mill Creek and after that I was being pressed on both sides.

Even with Gates released he couldn't do much. Benedict Arnold actually had the most success in battle driving back some Hessians but by then the game was well over and I conceded. Now that I know how artillery and the combat works a little better I will be better prepared for the next match. Overall I really like this series of games as they improve with each outing. The tactics chits are fun but would be better as cards.

Here are some pics of the devastation:

Elsewhere our gaming group played Battle for Germany the old SPI game: