Sunday, July 14, 2013

Men of Iron by GMT: Battle of Crecy recap

Victory today for me at the Battle of Crecy! At last I finally won a game.

Today's game was Men of Iron and we re fought the Battle of Crecy. I played the English and my gaming buddy played the French. We used the historical rules so it was an uphill fight for the French during the game. Literally as well as figuratively. I even killed King Philip of #France.

Men of Iron is the first in a series of "lighter" wargames that focus on the medieval battles of civilization and beyond. The first in the series is Men of Iron then comes Infidel and next is Blood and Roses. The more complicated games in this genre that GMT makes are their Musket and Pike series but I am not ready to tackle those yet.

He had a disastrous charge attempt on my left flank where I managed to unhorse the majority of his knights through continuous good rolls. I always tried to have pikemen near where I thought he may charge up. My main goal was to unhorse his knights then pick them off as they tried to move around the base of the hill

A very aggressive move by me saw some crossbowmen foray off the hill and into the woods, killing King Phillip who was left undefended.

Mud, rain, and overzealous knights plagued him all game and never gained a foothold on my hilltop. Despite his outflanking attempts and my near loss of the right side I held in there and won the day by routing his army at the end due to losses. We used the historical rules so the French had -2 crossbow fire and had to pay 2 MP in the clear to slog about in the mud at the base of the hill.

The center was never really challenged but the French made every effort to come around and flank me. I scurried all over with the units under direct control of Edward the III while at the same time keeping mobile reserves to rush and plug up any potential gaps that may have formed. In the end it was a long battle but well fought by both sides.

It should be noted that the living rules on the GMT site have been updated and are newer than the ones in the box so make sure to print out an updated list.

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