Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rebel Raiders on the High Seas

An interesting look at this new game from GMT brand new as of this year. Rebel Raiders on the High Seas is a Civil War naval game which is a topic that has been taking off recently. Apparently every aspect of history will one day be covered and Civil War naval actions can now have its moment in the sun.

Mark McLaughlin's blog "Mark G. McLaughlin's Games and Novels" has been covering this game extensively so why not head on over and take a read of his thoughts and experiences with the title. Oh yeah not sure I mentioned but he is also the designer :) Go show him some wargaming love. Add this game to Iron and Oak on my wishlist. One day I shall just order them both at once and do one mega review.

The components look great, the time period is very interesting and the gameplay looks to be really taut and exciting.

You can read more over on Board Game Geek. Quite a concise AAR is posted there.