Friday, July 26, 2013

SPQR: Getting there

Today I attempted my first game of SPQR in about 2 years and for the most part I still do not know what I am doing. I have however made progress. I think the things that still trip me up are the myriad of activation rules and the special rules for Romans. I am fairly certain that had I started with Great Battles of Alexander I could have picked it up a lot faster. We played the practice scenario in the playbook and I started out using Hannibal's elite command option and marched my elephants straight ahead. During the Roman turn he charged his Legionaries straight into my elephants. On the charge check I took so many cohesion hits due to bad rolls that I routed when he charged into me. Both my elephant units rampaged and slammed into my slingers then were eliminated. That is all we finished on the day as we spent the majority of the time at the local store looking at games.

I am actually at this moment doing a complete and total reorganization of the SPQR rulebook.