Saturday, July 27, 2013

Triumph and Glory Castiglione round 1

So two turns of Triumph and Glory down, the rest to be concluded Wednesday. We were a little delayed due to hours of pre game jibber jabber. 

End of Turn 2 and the main goal of the Austrians is to exit units off the board while avoiding casualties. Unlike Napoleon I have not garnered the services of Pascal Antoine Fiorella's brigade. Continuous bad rolls for my reinforcements have kept him off the field of battle and have allowed the Austrians to escape my pincer movements. 

Further north near Solferino I am doing much better. In fact the French have take the town. Meanwhile artillery from both sides has failed to land any shots.

I managed to eliminate two Austrian units outside the town and I am driving them back however his reinforcements just entered the game. The final turns of the game will be played in the middle of next week.

I am loving the activation in this game and the fact that artillery can be moved and fired and used like it should be. There are some restrictions in this scenario that make it less than meaningful. I had a cavalry charge fail outright as well that may have sealed the southern flank but instead the Austrians escaped my trap.

I also like the mechanic where routing units can stop in a town and recuperate. This game is great.


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