Thursday, August 15, 2013

Great Battles of Alexander: Battle of Granicus wrap up and final

Day two of the battle of Granicus river. Coming in I knew I had to solidify my lines quickly. As you can read from the first post I had a disastrous turn of events my first turn in terms of command. The first post is here:

So coming back I knew I had to fix the left flank and get that gap between Parmenion and Alexander closed or the enemy would be in back of me the rest of the game.

This next few turns I had successful trumps and was able to pull Alexander into full effect, running him all over rallying units and moving my heavy cavalry to fill in the gaps. This was making me weak all along the line however. The Persians still had a ton of units in the back and I knew they were moving forward.

The picture above was about the most stable I got my lines. There were still too many gaps and the Persians drove light cavalry in and around the flanks of one of my phalanxes. I lost that unit due to rout and started to get really low on units.

For the last time Alexander pushed the Persian left and attempted to cross the river with his best units. Though he crossed a combination of my bad rolling and my opponents good missile attacks and falling back kept him more fresh than I. I was too weak and too low in numbers to hold the river bank

Finally with some phalanxes across the river I did my best to hold my flanks but he just had too many units. In one turn I lost two phalanxes and those points were enough to cause my army to hit the withdrawal number.

Joe, my opponent, played a good game and I certainly learned a lot about how the system works. Never put gaps in your army no matter how strong you think you are. Also making sneaky round about moves does not work as I tried to play this like a Napoleonic or WW2 game. I also learned the importance of not putting too much stress on my key units. Terrain really hurt me here. Whenever I wanted to cross that damned river it was TQ hit after TQ hit. Despite Alexander's great job at restoring his lines they gradually just had too much damage and fell apart.

While I did crush the Persian right with Parmenion and cross the river late in the game it was too late as most of his strength had been shifted to face Alexander. No amount of combat would have allowed me to get behind the Persians and race over to help.