Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Great Battles of Alexander: Battle of Gela

405 BC: The Battle of Gela

The battle went on for 5 turns. It's at a tense draw right now. At the start I routed his surprise attack off the beach. I then turned my attention to the left side of the defense wall and used a swinging door tactic to draw him in then unleashed my chariots.

Due to some bad charge rolls many chariots collapsed and were ineffective. He managed to circle around my left and get into my back lines but I shifted and plugged the gap. THEN IT HAPPENED: On my right he came at the wall with 100's of men but rolled poorly for momentum and then failed horribly on the Die Roll of Doom. He rolled a 9 on die roll of doom follow up and his left is falling back due to a total morale collapse.

As he was retreating I went after his big units. If I can route one or two more double sized units I may win this one. I barely have the strength to exploit but I am close. I saved some reserves I wont know until next week!