Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekend gaming recap: 8/10 and 8/11

Saturday and Sunday were busy gaming days for me. Saturday I had my first exposure to Bloody April and Sunday was my first game of Serpents of the Seas (Flying Colors system). I enjoyed both immensely.

I managed to get two duels in on Sunday with Serpents of the Seas. The first game was two British ships, the Cyane and the Levant, against the American ship Constitution. The Cyane went down fairly early and was set adrift but I manage to hang in there with the Levant and actually get the Constitution flipped over to the damaged side. Careful use of the new initiative cards in Serpents of the Seas while playing these duels really frustrated my opponent and kept lady luck on my side. Still after a while I couldn't compete with the firepower and succumbed to the guns of the American vessel.

In our second game we had two French ships against a larger British ship. This game did not go the way of the French at all. I started on the board already and the second French ship came in much later. On the second turn the wind shifted and came right at me, stranding me in the water and allowing the British ship to maneuver and shoot me up. After that the French team never recovered and got blasted out of the ocean. I was forced to run away with about 8 rigging hits and a damaged hull while my partner was sunk.

In Bloody April on Saturday we did a patrol mission. This game had 5 flights of British planes doing various missions over the WW1 trenches in 1917. Two of my missions (as the British player) were to photograph trench lines. One was a bombing run, one was a combat patrol, and one was general photo recon.

As my flights went out they were soon identified and the German player was able to scramble. Trench Recon flight one managed to get all but one hex photographed and then turned back toward base with some German fighters hot on his tail.

Trench recon flight two was hit by anti air flak and shot down. My bomber made it through the chaos and is still en-route to its target while further south along the trenches my combat patrol and recon flight are engaged in dog fighting and aerial maneuvers. 

One German flight has had to abort and so has my southern trench photo flight. My aborted team will head back to base with only two pictures having been taken. My SPADS are still in the area though circling and looking to mix it up.

More to come as this game was not finished. There is a LOT of record keeping in Bloody April but most of it was fun.